About Mandy

Mandy Youtz is a wife, mom, writer, and life coach.  She resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her husband and three daughters. 

She is passionate about her faith, family, friends, and serving others.  She greatly enjoys writing, visiting Disney World, watching football,  and dancing around her kitchen with her three girls.

Mandy was inspired to start her personal growth and wellness journey after becoming a mom.  Since then, she has gotten into shape, worked her family out of debt, organized her home, and quit her full-time job to pursue her passion and spend more time with her family.

Mandy started her coaching career strictly as a health and fitness coach. After coaching dozens of women, she realized that something was missing.  Health and fitness, though crucial, are only one piece of a complex puzzle.   

Mandy decided to pursue life coaching in order to help women in ALL areas of life, including their careers & finances, relationships, spiritual life, thought patterns, etc. She became certified through Integrative Wellness Academy at the end of 2016.

As a certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, Mandy helps women work towards a balanced life and overall wellness while overcoming stumbling blocks that may be holding them back from being the best version of themselves. 

Her goal is to help you achieve all of your goals while keeping your priorities and values in place. ♥