I am DONE. 

Seriously. Done.
Let me explain.

My mom recently moved and yesterday she gave me a small old book she found that belonged to me as a kid.

It was called "My Life According to Me."

I wrote lots of silly, funny things in it. But something in it struck me as not being so funny. It was actually pretty darn sad.

In the one section, it asked "If I Could Change One Thing About the Way I Look It Would Be..."

My answer: "Shape."


Guys... I was 11 years old! 

I also had my weight written on another page followed by a "goal" weight. Shall I repeat, I was 11?!




And it just hit me...

Here I am, trying on my bathing suit to go to Florida soon. I'm months away from turning 30, and still struggling with the same. darn. thing.


Wishing I didn't have these "love handles," or that my belly was flatter, or my thighs were thinner, or my arms didn't jiggle so much.

But now, I'm a mom of 3 girls.



Three precious faces looking to me, observing and learning through my example how to feel about themselves. And no matter how many times I assure them that they are beautiful and perfect just as they are, that message will be lost if they see me believing any differently about myself.


I need to love myself completely, "flaws" and all, if I want them to love themselves.

They'll already be receiving messages from the media, boys, friends, and our society that they should conform to certain standards. But they will NOT get that message from me.

From me, they will get a message of love and self-acceptance.

A message that no one is perfect, perfection does not exist, and that true beauty is found within.

They will get the message that they have been given their body as a gift, to take care of and to love and cherish.

They will see me living a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating well in order to feel good and be the best mommy possible.

But they will never see me striving for a certain number on the scale. They will never see me aim to be a certain shape. They will never hear me say that I wish I could change something about how I look.

I'm done with all that.


I suggest you be done too.