Permission to Recharge

      This week I have been confronted with an important lesson just when I needed it.  So many days I am "go go going."  I try to fit in every little task into my day. As soon as my peaceful morning routine is over, I start running around. I often multi task in an effort to "save time" and "get more done."  For example, while I'm cooking breakfast, it isn't unusual to find me sending messages to clients and cleaning the kitchen all at once. And whenever I know that I have a free evening, I inevitably think up some task that could be fit into that block of time and then completely ruin any chance of relaxing that I might have had. Even if I decide not to do whatever that task was, I'm racked with guilt about everything I could be doing.

     The message that I have received this week is "Slow down. Life is not an emergency. You must take time to refill your tank and or will run out of gas on the highway."

     It's a message that we've all heard but rarely apply.  There just always seem like so much to do and not enough time to get it done.  The problem that we must face and accept, however, is that there will always be things to do.  You will never really be caught up.  This fantasy has had me chasing my tail for a long time.  I continue thinking, "If I just do a couple more things, then I'll be good. Then I'll feel caught up and be able to relax."  You can guess what happens, because there's a good chance it happens to you too. 

     Make an effort to do less. You can't do it all.  And that's OK.  You're only human and you're only one person. Choose what's important and focus on those things.

     We must start giving ourselves permission to refuel as often as needed (myself included).  Everyone will refuel and recharge in different ways.  For you, it might be spending quiet time by yourself. For someone else, it might be playing with their kids.  Maybe it's a girls' night out.  But whatever it is that it takes for you to feel refreshed and recharged, you need to make the time to do it as surely as you need to stop to put gas in your car.

      If you are a scheduler, pencil in some time to rejuvenate. You deserve it. You don't simply deserve it. You require it.  It isn't selfish or foolish. It's necessary.