Interested in Becoming Certified as an
Integrative Wellness and Life Coach?


Whether you're looking to start a new career as a life coach, add to your tool belt to expand your existing career, or simply to grow personally, becoming a certified through Integrative Wellness Academy is a great choice! 

IWA teaches the powerful foundational skills of being a life coach, including core competencies and fundamentals of life coaching and then integrates powerful tools and techniques based on over 20 different healing modalities in order to help coaching clients identify and remove negative emotions, limiting beliefs, resolve core issues, and help coaching clients to achieve lasting change.

You will also receive business training, so you can build a thriving coaching business right away! 

Integrative Wellness Academy has trained over 7,000 students worldwide  since 2010. Out of those students 70% take the certification course in order to start or expand a coaching business and about 30% of the students take the course to learn powerful and life changing self-development tools.

If you have questions or would like some more information about becoming a certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, you are welcome to attend one of my monthly online seminars.  They are hosted through Facebook.  Find my page, Mandy Youtz, Wellness and Life Coach at to attend the next one or feel free to send me questions anytime to

You can enroll for the in-person course or the online course at this link:

Use my discount code: mandy    &  save 30% off your course! ♥